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Handicraft, Know-how and Heritage

The Charm of Rajasthani Crafts for an Ethnic and Bohemian Home Decoration

Our catalog is taking its style, colors and patterns from the Land of the Maharajas, the Indian region of Rajasthan, in the North West of the country. It is in Jaipur, a city historically oriented towards the export of goods (jewelry, textiles, spices, etc.), the heart of the region with a rich and preserved cultural heritage, that the partner artisans express their know-how through the making of articles intended to enrich your interior decoration. The style that emanates from the local craftsmanship is influenced by the tailoring technique called "Sanganeri Print", or "Jaipur Print". In France and Western countries, it can be found under the category called "Ethnic Decoration" or under the style described as "Bohemian"

Travel from Home while enjoying a Relaxing Decoration Style

The bohemian style, and especially that characterized by the influences of Sanganeri Print, gives an oriental tinge to the interior decoration, while blending perfectly with Western tastes and in particular with a refined style. Having an item withNorth Indian hues is enough to provide a feeling of change of scenery. A rug in a living room, a cushion in a room, a trivet on a table ... it's a little piece of India at home, an element that contrasts with the ambient homogeneity. Articles from local crafts and the Sanganeri Print are strong assets to create an atmosphere of harmony and relaxation at home, or to create a space where you can take time for yourself. The spiritual symbolism behind the different patterns as well as the curves contribute to this feeling.

Patterns and Colors to make your Interior Vivid and Sensual

The Rajasthani style is first of all about characteristic patterns. The symbols are mostly about spirituality, for example with the presence of animals such as elephants, representing the deity Ganesh. Mandalas, symbols of rites and spirituality, also serve as the basis for several designs. Alongside symbolism, there is also a style characterized by roundness, curves, undulations, by a feeling of continuity of forms characteristic of the Indian holistic vision. But of course they are also warm colors or at least nuanced shades. Trips to India are intense sensory experiences where visitor is experiencing simultaneous feelings and sensations. From a visual point of view, this styile is inevitably marked by the profusion of colors, especially those of the often vivid Saris, and by the sensual power that emanates from them. The colors are also celebrated every year during the Holi festival, where powders of several colors are thrown in the air or on the clothes of passers-by.

Ethical consumption and support of Crafts for a Unique interior

Local craftsmanship, and more particularly that using Sanganeri Print, is based on a preserved cultural heritage and on production techniques passed down from generation to generation. The quantities of productions are thus limited, which reinforces the attractiveness of the items emanating from these local productions with the aim of making interiors less monotonous. The selected items are therefore part of a responsible consumption logic, known as "Slow Design", with the promotion of local small-scale production techniques. This requirement applies to all of our activities, including the logistics chain and customer service, so that after-sales involve people who are attentive and concretely involved in the various activities of our e-Boutique.

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