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Bohemian / Ethnic Chic Decoration Style


What is "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" Decoration Style?

"Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" Style does not only include items from local Indian crafts as it is also characteristic of African or Middle Eastern crafts. The "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" style sub-categories can generally be classified according to the geographical area, being more and more culturally marked as the geographical targeting is precise.

Items from local Indian crafts and especially Rajasthani crafts therefore correspond to the Indian branch of the "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" decorative style.

Here are the main characteristics of the "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" style:

  • Association of a minimalist environment with handcrafted objects
  • Wide palette of colors and frequent use of bright colors
  • Use of patterns (geometric, animals, characters)
  • Use of vegetable (linen, jute, bamboo, cotton) or animal (silk) materials

The most frequent Items for a "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" style are:

  • Decorative Cushion Covers
  • Sofa Throw
  • Carpet - Wall Hanging
  • Table Runner
  • Bed Throw

The "Bohemian - Ethnic Chic" style is suitable for:

  • Expressing your personality, outside the classic standards
  • Live in an environment with a strong cultural impregnation
  • Rediscover the exoticism of the trips you made
  • Bring life and sensuality to your interior

Top 5 Advantages of” Bohemian - Ethnic Chic” Decoration Style

Traditional, Contemporary, Industrial, Rustic, Minimalist, Natural, Scandinavian… among the most famous styles for interior decoration, the “Bohemian” and “Ethnic Chic” styles are becoming more and more popular. This is not surprising taking into consideration that this style is totally in harmony with the current period and has great assets to appeal to customers that pay attention to their well-being and to sustainable consumption patterns. Here are the 5 biggest assets of the Bohemian - Ethnic chic style:

Savings: only few items are sufficient

This style has a significant financial advantage over more traditional styles: few objects are enough to effectively decorate the room. The Bohemian / Ethnic Chic style allows to combine minimalist decoration while bringing a room to life with a few inexpensive decorative items. A rug combined with decorative pillow covers enliven a living room, an Indian patterned bed throw gives the bedroom oriental hues, a simple wall hanging and the room is directly dressed. The visual power of materials, colors and patterns therefore makes it possible to focus on very few decorative elements.

Ecological: hello Jute and Bamboo, good bye PVC!

The Bohemian - Ethnic Chic style very often uses vegetal materials. Among them, jute fiber, made from the bark of the tree of the same name, has an important place, especially in the manufacture of carpets or decorative cushion covers, India being the main producer in this domain. Still in plant material, bamboo has a prominent place in the making of chairs and stools, but it can also be found in more unusual objects, such as toothbrushes for example. Other plant materials, such as linen or cotton, are very often present in the making of Indian textiles.

Ethics: supports Traditional Handicrafts

While mass production and large-scale industrial production techniques dominate the interior design market, the Bohemian - Ethnic Chic style is most likely the one that calls for local and traditional, rural and human sized production techniques, passed down from generation to generation. In India, the Sanganeri Print technique, or its variant Jaipur Print, has become widely used for printing patterns on textiles. Carpet-making techniques such as Chindi or Patchwork are also characteristic of these local production methods, requiring know-how and patience.

Sensual: Materials, Colors and Patterns

This is probably the characteristic that mainly distinguishes this style from the others: by using plant materials, but above all because it uses bright and varied colors, the Bohemian - Ethnic Chic style brings life and sensuality to a room. It is very common that motifs are put forward, whether they are geometric patterns, such as Mandalas, or representations of sacred animals or characters in traditional outfits, which adds to the impression of life given off by the decorative elements of the Bohemian - Ethnic Chic style.

Unique: no Interior looks like Yours

Another advantage of the Bohemian - Ethnic Chic style lies in its decoration customization perspectives. While some styles are characterized by a limited choice of colors and by strict standards, the Bohemian - Ethnic chic style offers an extremely rich palette of combos of items, colors, materials or patterns. With this decorative style, there is not a single interior that is alike. The choice of objects and patterns often has a special meaning and it is pleasant to find yourself in a home that looks like your personality and that does not give off an impression of standardization.